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Maethorien 11-02-2003 06:22 PM

Sheet Music
I play the double bass and I have not been able to find any sheet music of the soundtrack for my instrument. Of course, that might be because I am looking for the melody and I play a harmony instrument (I <I>would</I> play viola or cello, but my music teacher says I'm too tall and my arms are too long for anything but the bass.) Does anyone know where I might find such music, or is it nonexistent?

Tigerlily Gamgee 11-03-2003 07:59 PM

There are piano books available for both FOTR and TTT. The best you could do is transpose them for the double bass... I do not believe that an actual score has been published for sale.

Maethorien 11-04-2003 04:13 PM

I do not know how to transpose something for piano to the bass, but I suppose I could get my music teacher's help. That's the trouble with playing a harmony instrument. It's hard to play any of my favorite music on them.

Elvish Archer 11-04-2003 11:53 PM

I'm pretty handy on a piano. Anybody know where/if I can order the main theme sheet music?<p>[ November 05, 2003: Message edited by: Elvish Archer ]

andreadawn 11-05-2003 09:26 AM

Elvish Archer, check out have a book of the music from FOTR $14.95 (selections). They also sell complete scores! I think it would be so cool to see the complete orchestral score but the cost is a bit prohibitive.

orlandoandsaran 11-06-2003 10:57 AM

Man, I haven't been here for nearly a year! I can't believe that I still exist in the underworld! <P>Umm....Can I find free piano scores instead? I'm too young to buy over the internet. Plus, the book isn't sold here in Malaysia..I think.

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