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yavanna_kementari 04-10-2008 07:26 AM

For me, it's FARAMIR! I loved Faramir's character in the books and with David Wenham's portrayal... i learned to love Faramir even more.

The Sixth Wizard 04-11-2008 12:35 AM

I agree with claudea, Rose Cotton is hawt... :D

TheGreatElvenWarrior 05-11-2008 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by The Sixth Wizard (Post 552890)
I agree with claudea, Rose Cotton is hawt... :D

If I was a guy then I'd probably think that Rosie was as lovely as Samwise...

Gollum the Great 05-16-2008 07:59 PM

Great Gosh!
It seems as though there are several characters who are the big ones on this thread.
Well, what I can't believe is that so many people like FARAMIR, the those THREE WOMEN, ARAGORN, and ORLANDO BLOOM (mighty powerful shivers!).
I also heartily dislike Frodo and Elrond was disapointing.

However, to return to the point, Sauron, Boromir, Gollum/Smeagol, Gandalf the Grey, Saruman, collectively Uruk-hai, Theoden, the Balrog, and (yes I know he he hardly appeared) Gil-Galad.

Overall though, I'll go with Boromir. He ROCKS.

Oh yeah. When I said Sauron, I meant the warrior. That "Great Eye" was kind of retarted.

TheGreatElvenWarrior 06-08-2008 09:16 PM

I really have come to have a liking recently for Sean Bean... maybe even more so than my hobbits... how unexpected for me...

Diane C 09-25-2008 05:58 AM


in that order

Andsigil 09-25-2008 08:16 AM


Originally Posted by Meriadoc1961 (Post 540131)
I was disappointed in the selection of both Cate Blanchette and Liv Tyler for their parts. I always felt that the best choices to fill those roles would have been Jennifer O'Dell from the TV series Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World for Galadriel and Jolene Blalock of Star Trek: Enterprise to play Arwen. Both of these women are incredibly beautiful, which is how Tolkien describes these two women in the books. I am not saying the choices of Blanchette and Tyler are ugly, I just do not see them as the drop-dead gorgeous types that are described by Tolkien. Of the two, I felt Tyler was the better choice

My understanding is that Claire Forlani was considered for the role of Arwen. She looks quite elvish already:

However, I must say that I did enjoy Liv Tyler as Arwen. Her sultry voice (in that film, at least) and mannerisms enhanced her beauty. I can't see her in any film now without thinking of Arwen.

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