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Tol-in-Gaurhoth CXV: On the Borders of Mirkwood Planning Thread

It is the TA before the events in the Lord of the Rings. A group of mannish settlers have built a town in the southern end of Mirkwood. The woods folk haven't lived here long, before it has become invaded by werewolves intent on wiping out the village.

Victory Conditions
-Villagers wins if they eliminate all werewolves from their village
-Werewolves win if they equal the number of Villagers with their own

The Threads and Voting

-Game Thread for the Living players. Where people discuss and vote during the DAY phase for one person to be lynched. During the Night phase, the Game Thread is silent.
-Dead Thread for all deceased players. During the DAY phase the deceased players discuss and vote for someone in the Game Thread to be their Medium/representative.
All dead players may continue discussing events during the NIGHT phase.
-Dead werewolves may privately communicate with themselves during the NIGHT phase only. Dead werewolves can never communicate with any Living werewolves.

-No roles or players exist in both threads. Once deceased, it remains so. The dead may view the Game Thread, but can not post in it. The Living under no circumstances can view or post in the Dead thread.

-Make your vote on a separate line (with one empty line both over and under it). Use the traditional form:

++ Boro

To make it look like that (to make it “highlighted”), bold the vote and then change the letter B in square brackets into the word: highlight

The Game Thread players vote for one person to lynch during the DAY phase. Votes are not retractable in the Game Thread. They are set in stone.
-The player with the most votes goes to the gallows and their role revealed in the Narration.
-in the event of a tie, the player who received the most number of votes first is the player lynched (coincidentally I realize why Nog made this rule, because in my last WW game, there was a "get the last vote flurry" in the last day or so, because everyone knew everybody's role pretty much :P. So I'm going with it.)

The Dead Thread During the DAY the dead vote for one person in the Game Thread to be their Medium/representative on that day. They may choose the same person to be their Medium for as many days in a row as they wish.

If a Medium is selected their vote will count as 2 in a lynch.
If a Medium is not selected it means there was too much division amongst the dead, and no one's vote in the Game thread is doubled.

There are retractable votes in the Dead thread to help them better form a consensus. There is no limit to the number of times a player can retract their vote. But once the majority+ threshold is reached voting for the Medium is over. The person who reached the required vote automatically becomes the Medium for that day.

A majority+ means if there are an even number of dead players, they need 1 more than half for a Medium to be chosen. If there is a tie, or no one reached the threshold no Medium is chosen on that day.

The Medium will be explicitly revealed in the end of day narration. If there was no Medium, it will also be revealed in the narration.

To retract your vote for the medium:


**Deadlines on voting for both threads is 10pm GMT (6pm EST)**

The Roles

4 Wolves (1 of them the Nightmare Wolf)
1 Cobbler

1 Seer
1 Ranger
1 Beast Hunter
8+ Villagers

Werewolves (4)- choose 1 person every night to kill until the number of villagers equals their own. They can communicate privately during the NIGHT phase. Living wolves can not privately communicate with dead wolves, or vice versa.

Nightmare Werewolf- 1 of the 4 wolves is a nightmare wolf. It will be revealed to the entire pack who the NW is. If the NW dies it will be revealed in the narration that it was the NW that died. When they die the NW can choose 1 living player to "haunt" each night. The NW invades the player's dreams during that night. If the player is a gifted, their special abilities are blocked that night.

-The NW does not have to choose a player to haunt every night. Once dead, they have this ability through the duration of the game and can not lose it.
-The NW can not find out anyone's roles. They only know if they choose a player to haunt, they will be successful as there is no power in the Village to stop the NW's ability.
-The NW can not choose the same person to haunt 2 nights in a row
-Other dead werewolves can communicate privately with the NW during the NIGHT phase to help determine a victim (or that there is no victim that night)
-Any player, regardless of role, is informed if they were the target of the NW's haunts

Cobbler (1)- Is counted as an ordinary villager, but desires the werewolves victory. They do not know who the wolves are and can not privately talk to any of them.

Seer (1)- chooses 1 person to dream of and discover their identity each night. If the Seer dreams the Cobbler, they will only see the cobbler as an "ordinary villager." If a victim of the NW's haunts, they will receive a PM stating their dream was invaded by the NW and were unable to uncover the role of person they dreamed.

Ranger (1)- chooses 1 person to protect from the werewolves kill each night. The Ranger can not protect themselves and can not choose to protect the same person 2 nights in a row. If a victim of the NW's haunt, the ranger will receive a PM stating they were frozen by a horrible nightmare and their protection failed.

Beast Hunter (1)- The BH sets a booby trap near 1 person's location each night in hopes that the trap will catch and kill a werewolf. The BH may put the trap near themself, but can not set it near themself or the same person 2 nights in a row. If victim of the NW's haunting, the BH receives a PM stating they were frozen by a horrible nightmare and could not set their booby trap that night.

The sequence of events for this role:

BH sets a trap nearby Boro's location
Werewolves choose to kill Boro
Boro is killed, and becoming careless in celebration for the kill, one werewolf sets off, is caught and killed in the trap.

In the event the Ranger and BH are both "protecting" Boro, and the werewolves choose to kill Boro the same night. The Ranger stops the kill. The BH's trap was not triggered and so no werewolf dies.

This is a 1-trap Beast Hunter. If successfully trapping a werewolf, the pack become more cautious and are able to sniff out/disable any more traps set. The BH thus becomes an ordinary villager for the remainder of the game.

**The werewolves can PM the mod which one of them gets caught in the trap. If I do not have a choice from the werewolves, I will put the names in a randomizer. Click randomize 10 times and whichever name is first is the werewolf that dies**

-If lynched only the BH dies

Villager (8+)- vote to lynch 1 person suspected of lycanthropy each day. If one is chosen as a victim of the NW's haunts, they will receive a PM stating they had a terrible nightmare.


-Any reveal that proves a player's role such as posting a PM from me or other players, or directly stating you received a PM from me or anyone else that proves your role will result in mod fire. Player removed from the game and unable to contribute in the Dead Thread.
-Moderator discretion: Any Living player who does not vote in a lynch 2 nights in a row may be mod-fired. I'm usually pretty flexible here. Emergencies happen and you may not have the time you thought when originally signing up. Just send me a PM and we can discuss the best way to proceed. I will accept a ++No Vote as a person casting a vote.
-Participation and voting in the Dead thread is completely voluntary.

The Players

A Little Green
Blind Guardian
Legate of Amon Lanc
Nilpaurion Felagund
Shastanis Althreduin

Night 1 will begin June 3rd 10pm GMT
Sign-ups can continue until then.
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