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i don't know if these are funny but:

Saruman:Gandalf me old chap, we must join Sauron to survive.
Gandalf:Sorry Saruman, old matee, I'd rather shoot you. *Gandalf shoots Saruman killing him. He laughs wildly*

Frodo:What delayed you Gandalf, why didn't yo meet us?
Gandalf:Because I was killing Saruman like I'm goin to kill you. *He kills Frodo and laughs wildly*
*Sam walks in*
Sam:What have you done you old sleezbaggy jerk? You killed master Frodo! *Sam grabs Gandalf's gun and shoots him then he laughs wildly, takes the ring from Frodo, puts it on, and runs off to Mordor to give it to Sauron so he can rule over Middle-earth*

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