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Originally Posted by Findegil View Post
It seems that Gondor send that rescue party to Barad-Dr [form "Unfinished Tales", Part four, Chapter III: "The Palantri"]:Which means the Ithil-Stone was gone for good.

Interesting citation, I'll go back to UT and have a look. I have a problem with the flow of action-and-consequence in the conclusion because Orodruin in 100 miles from the Barad Dur, and the Tower collapsed when the Ring was unmade at the Sammath Naur. How did the Ithil Stone get tossed into the fires of Orodruin?

UT, and the additional books published by Christopher Tolkien often have numerous discrepancies, or items that are ambiguous. Not that this means the UT conclusion is false. One could surmise that ***after*** the Barad Dur collapsed, Aragorn and co went to the Barad Dur, found the Stone, and themselves tossed it into Orodruin (though why they would do that makes little sense. Aragorn could restore use of the Stone with will. No doubt though, looking into the Stone, one would get horrid visions of Sauron, at least initially. The stones record memory of their users, and Sauron used the Stone for a long time. And Denethor and the Stone's memory of his burning hands clutching the Stone and the Arnor stone is case in point. In LotR, it states that only one with exceptional will would see anything other than fire and burning hands).
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