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Originally Posted by Zigûr View Post
"There is but one loyalty from which no man can be absolved in heart for any cause." (p. 275) I feel confused about what he is referring to. Does he mean "absolved" as in no man can be released from his duty to Eru, or that no many can be forgiven for worshipping the Enemy? I'm assuming the former but it's a curious remark, especially in context: Elendil was concerned about the malicious rumours regarding the Faithful being proved true, to which Amandil replied "If I thought that Manwë needed such a messenger I would betray the King." I realise he is implying that the Valar already knew about the corruption of the Númenóreans but what loyalty is he referring to?
Well, breaking it down grammatically:

"There is but one loyalty" = "there is only one loyalty"

"one loyalty from which" = "there is only one loyalty AWAY FROM WHICH" (I emphasize the away, since I think this is the crux of your confusion)

"from which no man can be absolved" = "which, no one leaving can be forgiven"

In other words: There is only one loyalty that you can never be forgiven for leaving--Eru or the Valar, and by saying this Amandil is basically taking the St. Thomas More line: "I am the King's good servant, but God's first," because he is justifying his disloyalty to the King of Númenor by a higher loyalty to Eru and his regents.
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