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Actually since most of the races that Morgoth is credited with "creating" are supposed to be "mockeries" or "perversions" of existing races largely (or solely) on the "good" side, it is entirely possible that Dragons especially the flying kind, were made not merely in mockery of the eagles (as Manwe's beasts of choice, one knows the eagles would loom large in Melkor's mind when the question of "races I need to make" came about) but possibly FROM captured or corrupted eagles. It would seem to be a good start. The only issue I can find with this theory is that one would think that then dragons would have been winged from the first (the only two guesses I can come up with to address this issue is that either the making of dragons was unusually complicated and took more trial and error than most of Melkor's works, that dragon DNA has a lot of variability in it (or why we technically have at least six different kinds if not more) or that "dragon" is best treated as a blanket term for various beasts that, while quite similar in ultimate form and temperament. in fact do NOT necessarily share common ancestry. That is that Melkor found the dragon nature so well suited to his needs (quite possible, given how long it took the armies of the west to find a way of dealing with them) he used the dragon "template" more than once, to various creatures (possibly eagles for the flyers, lizards for the walkers and snakes for the crawlers), and so created the three main draconian races.
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