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Originally Posted by The Mouth of Sauron View Post
Don't recall any confirmation in the book that he made it back after dropping Frodo and co off at the Ferry entrance. At least one Nazgul was nearby.
Hmm don't remember any textual evidence to suggest one way or the other but unless the Nazgul discovered that he actually hosted Baggins that day I don't think they would care too much about him and wouldn't be bothered to harm him. It's possible that they sensed the Ring move eastwards as the hobbits followed Merry over the Brandywine and left Maggot's shore alone. It's possible they lost scent before coming upon the house in Crickhollow when Fatty Bolger was alone there, and they might continue to interview hobbits about Baggins, in which case Maggot could pretend to not know anything of value like all the other folk. It's possible that they would spot the lie but I think Maggot has enough presence of mind in a crisis to act his part well.

Would be interested if someone finds any evidence of his fate though!

Also, where was he during the Scouring of the Shire? What did he do during Sharkey's rule? He doesn't seem the kind to take it lying down.
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