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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
And here is the cut of the choir in its entirety! Potentially a "rough cut", because Elanor was suggesting I explore some of Audacity's effects for volume and fading to balance the voices better. But I am in love with this piece and was super excited to announce the [possibly] final product.

What would be better for organizational purposes? Do you want me to send you the remaining audio files? Or, since I have them lines up on my end, would it be easier for you to send me Sauron and Finrod? I am good with either option.
Yay! It all sounds very pretty-yet-miserable. ^_^

It's probably best for me to keep the full tracks over here, so I can muck about with them if something comes up... can you mute everything that's not the choir and send an MP3 of just the choir? Then I can use the rough/final cut to put it in the right place.

Meanwhile at this end, I've drawn Thingol (so we have a complete non-chorus cast!), and have gotten partway through animating the Doriath Duet. It would have gone faster had I not had the brilliant idea of making Melian's lights twinkle... anyway, along the way I also prepped some Doriath variants for the Meeting, so I should be able to put that together fairly quickly when the time comes.

I've also kept adding the song-specific video links to the Libretto. So far I've discovered that nobody who isn't doing the full show bothers to sing Camp/Halt or Sauron's Creed... or, weirdly, Galadriel's Lament. That's such a lovely song that I don't know why they wouldn't, but it has the same number of videos as 'Heart' despite being more than twice as old.

EDIT: I've just turned up this odd little video, which I think is a Zong medley?

And then there's this selection of audio recordings, which includes 'Doriath - Live', which I... think is the Doriath Duet? But it's... uh... it's done pretty differently, let's put it that way.

Still no evidence to suggest Edrahil or Daeron have ever been recorded. I suspect a curse.


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