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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
It's probably best for me to keep the full tracks over here, so I can muck about with them if something comes up... can you mute everything that's not the choir and send an MP3 of just the choir? Then I can use the rough/final cut to put it in the right place.
Will do! (later today, when I get home)

Originally Posted by Hui
I've also kept adding the song-specific video links to the Libretto. So far I've discovered that nobody who isn't doing the full show bothers to sing Camp/Halt or Sauron's Creed... or, weirdly, Galadriel's Lament. That's such a lovely song that I don't know why they wouldn't, but it has the same number of videos as 'Heart' despite being more than twice as old.
That's odd. I get Camp - that one is kind of a Finrod song but it's a less epitomal song than his Ballad. But Lament?

Originally Posted by Hui
EDIT: I've just turned up this odd little video, which I think is a Zong medley?
It says it's the Zong, or "The Ring of Felagund". I skimmed through it - no time for a full watch right now - and I could pick out a hint of Luthien's theme in the middle but that was about the only bit I recognized.

Originally Posted by Hui
And then there's this selection of audio recordings, which includes 'Doriath - Live', which I... think is the Doriath Duet? But it's... uh... it's done pretty differently, let's put it that way.
...It is very different. But still Doriath.
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