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Chorus files received; not sure when I'll have time to add them. The Doriath Duet is neeeeeearly done too.

In the meantime I've been mucking about with the 'History of Middle-earth' idea for the prologue/epilogue. Obviously, since we've already got three art styles in play - hand-drawn, digital cartoon, and stylised (for the heraldry), the logical thing to do is to...

... add a fourth!

Cuivienen, done in no-outlines digital, and with super weird lighting. Unfortunately(?), I think 'super weird lighting' is the theme for the prologue: lots of firelit scenes!

EDIT: And another one. I feel a bit conflicted about this, actually, since it feels vaguely blasphemous to actually show the Trees. But...

... I still rather like how it came out.


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