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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
I got curious about how others have drawn the Trees, because surely someone's done it. I browsed through a bunch of pictures during my break. You know what I realized? All the Silmaril depictions give them a cold light, white or blue. But that's not fair to Laurelin! The beauty of the Tree pictures is that there is some blend of silver and gold, but the Silmarils, which are supposed to contain the light of both Trees, seem to have only silver. I really wanna know if there are any Tolkien illustrations with more warm or neutral/mixed colour Silmarils.
Well, Tolkien's own Silmaril picture (the heraldic device he drew for them) shows them in white, as does his Beren one... and of course the Evening Star is pretty white... but oddly enough, my own picture incorporates some gold:

I kind of like it; it's a bit stained-glass. I think the only place it'll show up is in the Making of the Silmarils shot, and maybe the death of Thingol.

In Silmaril-related news: the more recent cast photos from... one of the groups performing the Zong show "Sauron" wearing a crown with three big jewels in it. So they've definitely merged the two Dark Lords (or maybe Sauron was just borrowing it?).

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
The twinkling lights are a nice touch. Though I have to say I'm gonna miss the flowerstar and starlamp and lampflower ambiguity of Doriath decorations from the previous style.
Um. I get that. I could maybe add at least some of them back in next time I revamp this one.

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Unfortunately I don't have much to contribute right now. I have been catching up on a lot of neglected assignments, and I have exams coming up again next week, so sadly my progress has and will be slow in the foreseeable future. I am just under halfway through Beren's solo chunk, and I will post a progress recording once I have that part finished.
No problem! There's no rush on any of this.

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
PS: I am immensely amused and pleased about getting the Sickle in as many pictures as possible. ^.^ And by proxy each time figuring out which way a picture is facing geographically. And then realizing that there is probably some significance in facing North-West, towards Beleriand, from Cuivienen. None whatsoever, really, but definitely some if you want it that way. ^.^
Oh, I wish I could work it into all of them, or at least all of the Prologue. Actually I might juuuuust be able to legitimately put it in the entire Prologue, but the rest... maybe I'll start putting it in as a hidden image where it doesn't fit literally. (Luthien's Doriath has it, when we get to that. ^_~)

Ooh... or I could cheat by using the Pleiades. They're shaped like a pseudo-Sickle (Varda only had a few ideas, I guess, since she stuck Ursa Minor up there too), and they're just off to the right of Orion. So if I tweak Finrod's Land of Mem'ry and Amarie's woods, they'd fit in nicely. (And hey, they're even named - remmirath, the Netted Stars.)

I'll still have to add 'hidden sickles' to the daylight scenes, unless I drop back to 'must appear once per song', but that's not too bad. Thingol's Doriath, Nargothrond interior... oh, there's Galadriel's overview too. Hmm. I shall have to ponder.

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