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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
In Silmaril-related news: the more recent cast photos from... one of the groups performing the Zong show "Sauron" wearing a crown with three big jewels in it. So they've definitely merged the two Dark Lords (or maybe Sauron was just borrowing it?).
No... No, no no no. No, don't do it... (Though I guess they just had the same idea as you did, to simplify the two Enemies into one. But I really don't like that. Especially for the Russian - the knowing audiences will understand what each foe means anyways, and it's ambiguous enough there that the unknowing audience will assume either way. But don't explicitly make them into one!)

Originally Posted by Hui
Oh, I wish I could work it into all of them, or at least all of the Prologue. ...
You're having as much fun with this as with my musical instrument selection. I figured each character / style sounds like some instruments more than others, and in my head some instruments are permanently assigned to some characters. For Meeting/Dance, I thought I'd do a purely wind combo with no piano (we'll see how that turns out), mostly woodwinds, but I've included French horn (which is yet to make an appearance though). Because French horn is the most woodwindy-sounding brass I know of, but also because in Russian it's called valtorna, from the German Waldhorn or something to that extent, which means "forest horn", and you don't just pass up that kind of pun.

Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
You know what, they actually look a lot nicer with some gold in there. Huh.

The pattern barely-visible across the sky behind is a gold-silver aurora. I don't think it's remotely plausible as a sky effect under Treeslight, but what the heck.
Would the Valar really create a world without an aurora? It's happening. ^.^

On a barely even tangential topic, while browsing through more Tolkien art I came across this Russian illustrator who does amazing black and white drawings which I absolutely fell in love with. His Sil and COH collections are worth browsing through. Some stuff is really impressive (like shapeshifting Luthien, and most of the Lay pictures for that matter). His LOTR has some nice ones too, though his hobbits look a bit trollish. The pictures are usually instantly recognizable, so I get a little annoyed when occasionally he has a wrong detail here and there, but only because they were so impressive otherwise. I love the First Age collection.
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