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I found bunches more of videos from the Remmirath group that did the fanfic play. Most of them are fanfic-y and don't have much Zong material, but they are usually fun to watch because of the visuals. They really do a great aesthetic, and have some pretty cool tricks to show. They also seem to be lacking in male actors for all the male roles, but they manage to work around around that fairly well.

A few select clips:

The Duel plus their own version of the Wilwarin song

Galadriel's Lament. It's an excellent clip from the visual standpoint, though this one goes more like a trailer. I would watch a movie made by these guys.

Renunciation, on horses.

Finrod kills the Wolf, visuals only.

The Fens of Serech, or How Barahir Got The Ring. Again, visuals only, no song to go with it.

This silly dialogue between Beren and Finrod, which has Beren saying "Can't we?-", and Finrod responding "No, we can't, because it won't work, and because Sauron is a Maia, and because etc" to all his suggestions of what to do about Tol-in-Gaurhoth. It culminates with Beren asking why are They always stronger, to which Finrod responds that it's because someone was too hasty in promising a Silmaril to his future father-in-law.

And this absolute lovable nonsense titled "Wake The Elf", submitted for a competition of videos on the theme of "Wake a friend". The music is taken from well-known Russian films, but I think it's hilarious even without knowing the music. The signs on the arrows say "Elves" and "Also Elves".

And now to watch some stuff you've found, because I still didn't get through most of it...

ETA: Ha! Roman Susalyov put on a golden wig in the 2017 concert!... That's a first.
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