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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
I mean... you're not wrong. I'm not positive how it scans, but how about "What are 'peace' and 'rest'?" That's what Beren has never had, and what the nightingale evokes; and also a direct counter to 'battle and war' out of Luthien.
Yes! Something peaceful, gentle.
- What are peace and rest?
- What's serenity?

Going strictly by the Russian, the line would have one more syllable (e.g. what are peace and respite), but then it doesn't match with "What's eternity", so "peace and rest" scansion is better.

Originally Posted by Hui
I don't think it did... I actually want 'in a pool of grass' - ie, she found him lying in a field of green, and because of how pale his face was thought for a moment he was snow on the ground. But it looks like I was rhyming 'pool' and 'woods'... is that in the original?
That stanza doesn't really have rhymes. Actually, maybe it does a little bit, but not pool/wood. It rhymes ABCDABCD on paper. But the rhyme was lost on me in the singing, probably because of the melody break at the "cold of winter" line that makes it sound like each sentence is a stand-alone.

Luthien's 2nd and 3rd stanzas rhyme, but we didn't end up sticking tightly to it.

In other words, the rhyming scheme here is whatever you want it to be. "Pool of grass" is only out of place if you want the wood/pool lines to rhyme.

Originally Posted by Hui
Meeting in Neldoreth (part 1)

I think the clouds will slowly gather over the course of Luthien's questioning, then clear for good during Beren's. We'll see.
I have to say our artistic/musical portrayal of Beren and Luthien are much better than our vocal performance. But we knew that already.

I really like the forest darkening and the water changing. And the Valacirca. ^.^

Originally Posted by Hui
I also have a half-finished image from the prologue, which has come out looking quite interestingly stylised: the Oath of Feanor (including an actual glimpse of Feanor):

Details and shading to be added, and background elements blurred slightly, but the 'cardboard cutout' version intrigued me.
Oooh! Are the heraldic devices going to become actual shields?

All the Zong characters are instantly recognizable even in "cardboard cutout" form. It's pretty neat.
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