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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
I can hear how painful that must be - yikes.
The upside, I guess, is now I formally know my singing range, both for highs and for lows. I guess that's kinda cool.

Originally Posted by Hui
Progress report: I've finished the animation for Neldoreth and done a rough recording. Are you able to pass me a version of you-as-Luthien, just so I can put up a "complete" video (not, of course, "finished")? I've also been shuffling around how I add the titles and credits, which means I should be able to do something cool once we have this one sorted.
Absolutely! Here is Luthien alone from the same recording.

That gives me a thought. Can we just go with a version of Captivity with likewise temporary Beren - can be done by me if you prefer, doesn't matter - so that we have presentable version up, with the updated choir and whatever other updates (if any) it's been waiting for? I have a feeling that otherwise it might stay in the "in progress" state for a long time.

Originally Posted by Hui
Absolutely! Those are some fun songs, and I get to be super lazy with the backgrounds, because they're just Nargothrond and Doriath. (I am debating whether to allow artefacts like the crown of Nargothrond to appear as 'characters'; I feel like actually animating it tumbling across the floor would be a bit too silly.)
I don't know what your vision was for that, but I think it wouldn't be unreasonable to showcase the crown off Finrod's head at the end of Renunciation. It might be a tad silly to have the Feanorions play Hot Potato with it in Quarrel, though. ^.^

A question. Does Thingol Steals The Mic happen in Nargothrond, or Doriath? Not that this is a pressing problem right now, but given how out of Sil this scene is I struggle to put it back under Sil geography logic.
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