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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
Yay! And I do agree, the transitions are nice. I told you before too, I love the darkening of the river.

... and it turns out I can't pronounce "brow". It's one of the words I tend to mispronounce. I said it in my head correctly a dozen times before the recording to make sure I get it right, and turns out on the actual thing I must have slipped into old habits and not even noticed it. Anything else I don't know how to pronounce? Seriously, call me out if I do things like that.

Originally Posted by Hui
17 - Captivity

(Please tell me I'm not crazy - that is a version of Captivity with Elanor's vocals, right? If not, please bounce me the final choir again, because I'll have lost it.)
Uhhh... well, yes, except that it's the wrong speed choir from the early drafts.

So now I am trying to find the right document in my Google folder. I have a choice of "Choir", "Choir - all voices", "Choir - voice only", and a couple equally enticing choices. I clearly was not planning to return to these documents after they've been done. I believe this is the right choir though. You can hear the difference in quality between this and the old wrong-speed version, so this must be it.

Originally Posted by Hui
I think the most logical idea is for Thingol to Steal The Mic in Nargothrond, but then go back home to find Melian waiting with her grumpy face on. What do you think?
I think that works! I also see Melian as singing from Doriath, and it would make sense for Thingol to gallivant around and then return home.

Originally Posted by Hui
Speaking of the Aria: Melian's first words are still up as "Elu, my dear husband". At the risk of Arumaning things up, should we replace that with "Thingol" (which scans just as well) to avoid throwing yet another name at people, plus potential confusion with "Eru" elsewhere? I don't think the Russian even uses a name, so it's not a translation thing.
If the goal is to simplify things, I would go with "Thingol". If the goal is to include as many Tolkien references as possible... ^.^ (And yes, this line in Russian is just "My dear husband", or, as put elsewhere, "Oh my husband dear").

I'm afraid the Arumaning reference missed the mark, and I would seek enlightenment. Sarumaning?

I have just started deciphering Renunciation yesterday, it will be a long while before anything is ready. And I will let you know when I hear from Elanor or Legate!
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