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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
Er, it sounds right to me? It rhymes with 'aROUnd', which is what I was going for.
Oh. Ooooh. In my head it was a near-rhyme to "snow", which I accidentally turned into a full rhyme. Ah well, as long as it's not too noticeable.

Originally Posted by Hui

I think I've managed to synch the choir parts up correctly.

A small nitpick, if I may: do you think it would do the Elves good to be toned down a couple decibels? At this volume, they are louder than both Sauron and Finrod. But the choir is synched perfectly!

Originally Posted by Hui
Ooh, it's kind of a shame not to keep that link, but I think I had to pull in a syllable from the other half of the line to make it all fit properly. I've put "Thingol" for now, but if you can think of a way to restore "Oh my husband dear", go for it!
I'll work on it, but no promises.

In the meantime: "May you never see, by Eru's kindness!" - is that meant to refer to the previous line, ie "you may never see my fetters"? For reference, the Russian here says "may you never realize who you [really] are (Eru willing)". I really like the phrasing of both "Eru's kindness" and "may you never", but that cuts the line a bit short so it's not quite clear what they're not to see. "May you never know"? Is that any less vague?

Originally Posted by Hui
Oh! Sorry. The Bakshi movie decided that 'Saruman' and 'Sauron' were confusingly similar, so changed the former to 'Aruman'... except for the times when they didn't, and left him as Saruman. Hence, Arumaning.
Ah. Heh. Go for the lesser Arumaning.
(I guess they didn't think it sounded too much like Aragorn? Is there any Middle-earth name that doesn't sound like any other Middle-earth name?)

Doing a bit of musical research / inspiration youtube crawl, came across this Oath Through The Years Medley. Not half as many performances as your search revealed, I'm afraid. It would actually be cool to do a complete medley of Oath, there are so many performances.
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