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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
A small nitpick, if I may: do you think it would do the Elves good to be toned down a couple decibels? At this volume, they are louder than both Sauron and Finrod. But the choir is synched perfectly!
I think I need to go back and rebalance the sound on all of them; I keep twitching whenever I hear snippets. I'll poke it at some point. (What do you think of song numbers in the titles, by the way?)

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
In the meantime: "May you never see, by Eru's kindness!" - is that meant to refer to the previous line, ie "you may never see my fetters"? For reference, the Russian here says "may you never realize who you [really] are (Eru willing)". I really like the phrasing of both "Eru's kindness" and "may you never", but that cuts the line a bit short so it's not quite clear what they're not to see. "May you never know"? Is that any less vague?
It's intended to directly echo the Russian - "may you never see what you are", or maybe "may you never see what it's become [to you]" - but didn't fit at all.

Possibilities: "May it not be yours, by Eru's kindness"? Except the point is that it is theirs. House Finarfin have always been trapped by their luxuries - they were the ones who responded to Feanor's "Say farewell to your treasures! More still shall we make" with, "Nah, we'll just bring them along."

"May you not feel yours, by Eru's kindness" could work, linking back to fetters but also, uh, making sense. I'll put that in for now.

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Ah. Heh. Go for the lesser Arumaning.
(I guess they didn't think it sounded too much like Aragorn? Is there any Middle-earth name that doesn't sound like any other Middle-earth name?)
Finwe, Fingon, Finrod, and Findis are offended by that. -_-

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Doing a bit of musical research / inspiration youtube crawl, came across this Oath Through The Years Medley. Not half as many performances as your search revealed, I'm afraid. It would actually be cool to do a complete medley of Oath, there are so many performances.
A rough scan shows it tied for third-most-recorded with Doriath, the Arrival in Nargothrond (???), and Truth. The Duel takes second place, while the Ballad to Amarie storms into the lead with !16! recordings. Though hilariously that's still barely more than half of the total (I count 27, not including ours). The least-sung is Wind, at only 5.

You're right that Oath is probably the most medley-able; the others are too complex, or (in the case of the Ballad), have different versions to complicate things.

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