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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
As ever, don't worry about taking your time - it's not like we're on a deadline!

I was thinking about the opening of the Renunciation; in my head I feel like it comes out as something of a marching song. So drum-and-brass style, I guess, with very firm beats. If I were a musicker, my first attempt would probably look something like:
When I imagine it in my head, that's extremely close to how I hear it as well. For whatever reason though that didn't come out right on paper the first couple attempts. The first one had too many fast details which made it too jerky. For the second, I removed much of those, but it came out limp. So I am onto attempt #3, with the intent of making it steely and firm (and yes, brass definitely involved!). In my head, it sounds pretty much exactly how you've described it, with the exception that I am creatively getting around putting drums into the score, so the intro is also brass. But! Seeing it written down actually gave me an idea for how I can rejuggle the parts to be less limp. So hopefully I will have a progress to post soon.

Originally Posted by Hui
Meanwhile, news from the Art Cave. I promised something extra a few days back, right? Well, here it is. (Please forgive the obvious placeholder images in a couple of spots; drawing is time-consuming. )
This is looking really good! And I love the transitions between songs, I think they are perfect. I also like how you have the Feanorions and the House of Finarfin echoed in their respective images from the one where they square off. May I also add that Cuivienen, the death of the Trees, and the swan-ship are magnificent. ^.^

I now realize how much Domestic stands out compared to the newer pieces, say, Meeting, which comes right before it. I am already making plans of redoing certain bits, or tweaking certain songs - but not to worry, first priority is to get through all the pieces, and not to get bogged down in the endless editing that is the bane of forward momentum and project completion. That will be after everything is done.

ETA: and voila. The first decent version of that stanza. With plans to let that pause at the end hang a bit before that son of a Feanor swings in. And plans to work a little more on the intro, which didn't survive well with the shift between versions and now sounds weirdly disjointed. Thoughts?

Another thing I've been playing around with is speed. I started out faster than the current version, then slowed it down because English Finrod felt too fast. He still feels a tad fast, but Cel'n'Cur now border on slow if taken at the same tempo. This can always be adjusted slightly once the piece is done, but something to think about. I've been told that Russian is one of the slower-spoken languages, but with this project I am finding that it's apparently a much faster singing language than English is.
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