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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Earthquakes and dragons take the links. Try this.

I sympathize with your dilemma with Thingol. I feel that the bottom half of the clothing is a lot harder to decide on for medieval male characters in general. When I get home, I'll look up some images in hopes they will be of inspiration.
We could always go full Tudor and put them all in tights and puff sleeves. I think Finrod would look quite dashing in a floppy hat with a huge feather!

-- speaking of Finrod, the advantage of pre-drawing the backdrops:

The Renunciation of Nargothrond (Progress 1)

I think Finrod works fine at this speed, though yeah, I imagined him a touch slower. Is it possible to just up the tempo of the entire song from the end of these lines onward? I don't think he ever slows down again...

Anyhow, I think I got all the lines in the right place? I felt I had to rush a bit to get from the sustained 'hear horns call' into 'in this hour', but other than that it's great to sing to. Nice work!

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