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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
We could always go full Tudor and put them all in tights and puff sleeves. I think Finrod would look quite dashing in a floppy hat with a huge feather!
A Shakespeare collar!

Seriously though, I've scanned through some Tolkien illustrations of male characters, and the good ones tend to have a combination of tunic of various length, long cloak, and high boots. The pants tend to be looser for Rangery characters and slimmer (or maybe just straighter) for more royal garb type people.

Originally Posted by Hui
I think Finrod works fine at this speed, though yeah, I imagined him a touch slower. Is it possible to just up the tempo of the entire song from the end of these lines onward? I don't think he ever slows down again...
*facepalm* Duh. I can record this part slower, and the rest at a faster tempo. It's what I thought I'd need to do for Thingol's Mic to make the tempo work, and same trick will do here. I agree, the current speed sounds too fast for this stanza. I'll take it down a couple notches.

Originally Posted by Hui
Anyhow, I think I got all the lines in the right place? I felt I had to rush a bit to get from the sustained 'hear horns call' into 'in this hour', but other than that it's great to sing to. Nice work!
Yes, the lines seem to all be in the right place. I will slow it down, but also I could put an extra bar between "horns call" and "in this hour" if you think that a pause there would be fitting (and not to mention convenient). We can experiment with this.

Wahoo! It's a keeper.

Didn't have time for a full reply earlier, but Hirilorn is a darling. That whole picture is lovely.

It's certainly a different style, isn't it? Cel'n'Cur in this song in particular are just lightning fast; it's not what you expect from something labelled 'rock' (or indeed 'opera'!).
In Russian, they aren't even that fast though. The only one with tongue-twister fast lyrics is Thingol in Domestic, in some versions. I'm telling you, there's something about the way English is pronounced that you can't do it as fast as Russian, but at the same time when you talk normally, it comes out faster in English. *shrug*

(But if there was something to expect from "opera", it would be a lot of sounds unrecognizable as any words I know )
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