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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Progress 2, this time till the end of the first Feanorion stanza. Thoughts? How is the speed this time around?

I've had a bit of time, so I fiddled around the body of Finrod's opening, and started the Sons. I tried several variations of them as well, settled on something I thought sort of worked. Then realized that if I want to incorporate the drumm-ish baseline from Oath at the same speed, I have to rewrite it with twice as long notes at double the speed (because Finale doesn't allow me to do triple notes that are smaller than 8ths for whatever reason, it automatically goes to quintuplets, and I can't do their triplet rhythms). And when I did that, it started playing all the glissandos differently, because apparently it's programmed to play glissandos for half notes vs whole notes differently, even though the end speed is the same - and I had to redo some of those parts. Basically, it was a lot of working around stumbling blocks while figuring out which style works best for this. Nasty enough, or too tame again?
I think the speed is spot on. ^_^ I love singing along to Curufin's part, it's just fun. I don't know if you've changed the flow of Finrod's bit, but I no longer have any problem with the horns/fair city transition.

The one thing I did flag is that Curufin's music starts very quietly. Is that deliberate, to put the emphasis on the vocals? The silent beat (is it an entire bar?) I can use to fade him ominously in, so no quibble there.

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