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Yessssss. Happy new year to you too!

This is a fantastic song - it just keeps getting zippier! It's no surprise that I couldn't resist throwing together a draft sung version as soon as possible:

The Renunciation of Jazz

I'm not at all certain I've got everything in either the right place or the right tune, so please tell me if anything's off! It all needs rerecording to get the voices right anyway.

Seriously well done - it's a difficult song and you made it shine.

I vote for keeping the Dancing Feanorians if it's appropriate. It makes me imagine a danced staging of the show, where they each come in and take a turn with Finrod before ending up in a hectic spiral with one another while he slow-dances off with Beren. (Be grateful I know nothing about dancing or I would be roughing this version out already!)

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