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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Uh, I need a bit of advice and maybe a sanity check.

So, I got to the point where there can be a good interlude between "Get you gone from me" and the Elves being spotted. The conservative thing to do would be to play the themes from the intro, which flow very easily and smoothly and will pose no trouble whatsoever to insert between the stanzas. But, I can't just do the logical thing, no. After you posted the animal-inspired picture, I had a thought that maybe I can get the whole thing to descend into an organized chaos of animal noises and other spooky sounds. So, Sauron's words are currently followed by the best mimic I could achieve of howls, growls, meowls, croaks, poltergeist bangs, and randomness, with the possibility of adding other sound effects on recording (I strongly considered ghostly wails, creepy cackles, and things that go creak in the dark among other things, but I don't have sufficient instruments going to make them happen). However, having listened to this cacophony in recording, it sounds just that - a cacophony, without any animal-inspired noises actually resembling what they're supposed to. Is it too much? Should I take out that part and just leave the conservative chaos? Or keep the backbone of that part but record all sound effects from voice rather than play them with instruments?
I've listened through a few points trying to pinpoint what makes it not work, and I think it's that the highest instrument is just too slow. It feels like it wants to be a high, fast melody over cacophony, but it winds up playing... what, five notes over the first half of it? I think maybe it would work better if that instrument was giving the section a little structure.

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