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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
*imagines Sauron fan-dance-fighting his way through armies of Elves, Avatar-style*

*chokes slightly*

[Finrod, Beren, and the Faithful are dragged into the throne room and thrown to the floor. Finrod checks on Beren, then gets to his feet and slowly approaches the throne. It was once his throne - you can still see the carved serpent-and-garlands on the base - but now it is blackened and broken.]

[Suddenly Finrod stops. He looks to the side; we can see nothing, but the music swells ominously. Suddenly a pitch-black fan snaps shut, revealing the pale face of Sauron.]

SAURON: How dare you to enter my domain without my leave...?

(It takes place not long after the waltzing Feanorions and Ballet Thingol. I think making the fans black actually kiiiind of makes it work, because it means His Shadowyness can appear and disappear to freak Finrod out.)

FINROD [turning slowly on the spot]: I've made my choice now
I entrust my fate to Eru
Both light and darkness
Are gifts he grants to us
I don't accept you
Or your ending in its--

[A pale hand appears out of nowhere and brushes across Finrod's cheek]

FINROD: --coldness--!

SAURON [voice only, from VERY close by]: That's fear that chills your heart.

[A fan slowly drops to reveal Sauron's face again]

SAURON: Fear that's only felt by slaves and cowards in the dark...

(I think I'm taking the Muppet Christmas Carol approach here: everyone except Finrod dances, but His Majesty plays it all completely straight. One for the Imaginary Animation Department.)

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
Aaaaanyway... started the day off with getting through to the end. It will still need adjusting to make it sound smoother, and I want to fix a couple places in the intro, but here's the full length of the tune. I decluttered the cacophony slightly, but I'm still not sure if it's worth it to keep it in some form or just cut it out. I'll post the finalized version when I can, and the singing too.
Hooray! I'll try and draw the final picture for it and start putting it together. I think the cacophany will work well if I have the minions appearing and disappearing to try and simulate their capering, but whatever you think best.

Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
But Quarrel will have to wait a while - I have some very big deadlines coming up and too much work to get done, if I start working on it again now I know I'll be procrastinating with it and this is not a run of the mill exam that I can wave off. So I'm gonna Not Do Music for a couple more weeks to make sure I actually get my RL stuff in order. And then I'm back in the game!
No problem at all! If I get my brain in gear I'll try and work on some of the art for the Prologue; there's certainly enough of it to keep me going, and odds are I'll just go 'meh, effort' for most of the time.

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