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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
After an insanely productive day, I am pleased to present not one, but two videos.

Sauron's Minions (rough cut)

With all the animations in place, and me botching up all the lyrics. ^_^ 't'ain't perfect, but it's okay.
OMG! First of all, love the opening sequence! Can't decide if Barahir or Creepy Morgothface is my favourite from there. Also, you can totally do an evil laugh, it's brilliant.

I totally did not expect that line placing for the last Minion stanza (upon our border), I thought it would be a nervous little voice over the quiet part just before where you sing "unidentified intruders", as a continuous piece. But this version is a lot cooler! I wanna incorporate that.

What if they go:
- Oh my Lord?...
- Oh my Lord?...
- Oh my Lord, upon our border etc.

Or, I could even fill up the quiet part with more sounds, and then keep the spacing as you have in this version. I love this idea. I'll see if I can get any trial recordings done before the weekend is out. Bonus points if I can figure out a way to make Sauron yawn.

In the meantime, I did a bit of volume adjustment / smoothing over. HOWEVER, in the middle of the process my earphones failed me: one side stopped working. For some reason earphones don't transmit pitch and timbre symmetrically, so listening through only one side is lopsided, some instruments are too loud or too quiet. And my backup earphones are also lopsided. So I am not actually sure how this turned out, I'll have to wait to get my tech in order before I sign off on this. But if you don't notice the bass or the whistles overwhelming everything else, it's probably okay.

I noticed the intro doesn't have a song number. Is that in anticipation of putting all the clips into a single run?

We should think of how to sing this. The plural of Minions means we can have many people/voices, which gives several cool possibilities. I'm happy to at some point provide a high voice and middle harmony (why not). You have a good sycophantic Minions impression too, I love the way you contrast them with Sauron. We can mix and match? I will ask Elanor if she wants to send in a contribution too, but as she still hasn't recorded Meeting I'm not sure how this is gonna go.

[/quote=Hui]Renunciation of Nargothrond: Live

It's... imperfect, because I kept clipping through my margins, but it's a lot better than the Oath version. Someday(TM) I may do a retake, in which case I'd push the camera further back to give myself more room to work in. Also I'd wait for a sunny day so it's not all orange.

But still! Real-life Zonging for fun and no profit.[/QUOTE]

This is neat! I love Finrod's appears to the camera-Nargothrond. Curufin is so full of douche he's about to burst. This is wonderful. I cracked up at him mocking "we're bound in Song", and the wave at the end. And Celegorm's "Won't you go along" - simply fabulous. :-D

Originally Posted by Hui
Speaking of musicals... it's weird (or maybe not so weird) how often I find myself singing random chunks of the Zong. I worked through most of the Meeting in Neldoreth yesterday, and now I've got pieces of Heart rattling around my head. It really is a delightfully catchy musical, and I'm really glad we've got it into a language I can sing along to; just humming tunes gets a bit boring!
(belated response, sorry )

Yeah! It's super catchy and addictive, it's really good music. I really enjoy singing it in both languages, and I totally see where you're coming from. It's mostly credit to you though. :-) Best fun and no profit thing I've ever done.
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