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Let's leave poor Eonwe alone..

My dear village! It seems you could use the help of your Seer toDay.

Originally Posted by Lommy Post - yesterDay #1309
ToDay and toMorrow are crucial Days, and I hope our brave seer is dabbling in maths as well as clairvoyance. But as long as they are in hiding, we have to use our little gray cells.
Well I did do the math, and considered revealing yesterDay. But once I saw the lynch moving towards The Ka, I decided I needed to risk waiting one more Day and luckily it paid off. Thank you Shasta for putting out seerish vibes and saving me from the wolves one more Night.

So the math...

We have 8 players. 4 ordos, 2 wolves, 1 seer, 1 innocent child.

The good news: I know who 3 out of 4 ordos are: Lommy, Eonwe, Greenie.
The better news: I know 1 out the 2 wolves.


That means there is one more wolf hiding among Rune, Boro, and Lottie.

Originally Posted by NogMod from The Rules
The Innocent Child can reveal herself to be the Innocent Child. In that case the Mod confirms the revelation.
So, if the innocent child comes out toDay, we can confirm the innocence of one more player. Then I can dream toNight and signal who the final wolf is toMorrow via the QT vote. We've got this village.

In case you're wondering about my dreams:

Night 1: Lommy
Night 2: Pitch
Night 3: Lhuna
Night 4: Shasta
Night 5: Eonwe
Night 6: Greenie
Night 7: Kath
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