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Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post
And now it is Tuesday again.

#4: Straight-up searching for "Njalson" gives me a couple of people on Facebook, plus "Helgi Njal's son" from the same saga as Skarphedin Njalsson. "Njal" itself is polluted by a fashion company, but then shows the saga and apparently something from Warhammer.

"Lionheart" still suggests Richard. Lion + Heart could be Leo + ... something. Or maybe "heart" is an instruction.

#1: Surely an anagram of words related to silver + fruit. Could be Ag + something.

#2: An anagrammed synoym for "hang around" with an I turned into an E (for East). Linger? Wait? Loiter? Wait, it's not LOTR:EE, is it?

1. Njal had three sons (and a foster-son, but forget him for now).

2. Ag plus a fruit is right. Just find the fruit.

3. Linger is the correct starting-point.

4. A lionheart is a metaphorical expression for a what?

BIG HINT: The fruit is sometimes infused with gin, and appears in a cocktail with a rude name.
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