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BTW, Zigűr,

Are you familiar with the works of Lord Dunsany (Edward Plunkett)?

Specifically his Gods of Pegăna.

It is another instance of a literary device like the Red Book of Westmarch, where Plunkett is pretending to translate the found works of the lost land of Pegăna.

His work is somewhat similar to, and possibly was what inspired Lovecraft's Chthulu/Elder Gods mythos. I know that Lord Dunsany had some influence upon Moorcock, at any rate (of another fantasy World Builder).

Anyway.... Just off the top of my head if you are interested in exploring other invented mythologies.

I have seen Tolkien's Modern Middle Ages, but I have steered away from it for the time being, as what I am familiar with from it struck me as a little too Post-Modern, which leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

But it is something that a friend is reading (we tend to trade off on critical works concerning Tolkien).

But nearly every Tolkien scholar I know (Literary Academics, at least) has made some observation of the connections between the Medieval and the Modern.

The most obvious being the contrast of The Shire to that of the rest of Middle-earth.

And between the rest of Middle-earth, and the habitats of Sauron and Saruman respectively.

The foremost being an Agrarian Modern society (19th Century Victorian England), and the latter being examples of Industrialization gone wrong.

But I have not really looked beyond Shippey, Drout, Olsen, and.... grr.... Don't want to google.... Dammit.... Can't call his name (Published a Tolkien Journal back in the 70s....)... And I can't even find it with a Google Search. Not really important...

And they have not really delved greatly into the Modern-Medieval links (well, possibly Drout has).

But the different views on Mordor, Sauron, etc. can get to be quite complex.


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