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Although that isn't to say that I can't populate the earlier models with Graphics. It is just that between the time we get the Math working, the graphics technology is likely to have changed substantially. People I know at Autodesk say that current projects are returning to the concept of Voxels as the building blocks of future graphics rather than the polygonal models, surface models (NURBs, Subdivision, Parametric Curve) and Solid Models (Procedural, Parametric). The Voxel is basically a graphic equivalent of a 3D (or higher dimension) particle, rather than depicting a surface, as current graphics do, it represents a volume. So given that the technology to visualize the data is likely to change substantially, and that we want to have models that function properly first, starting off with the graphics (for the purposes of this project) isn't productive.

Graphics is one of the things I learned a LONG time ago, given that when I was younger my focus was more on the Arts, and I was lucky/fortunate enough to have a computer in the late-70s.

But even though we don't need to start with Graphics for this project, since I happen to like drawing, painting, and doing 3D work (As well as sculpting miniatures), I figure it would not hurt to play around with simple depictions of the different peoples when I am not able to work on other things (or when I need a break from other stuff).

A 3D model of a Hithaeglir Orc/Goblin (without texture/color - This is a digital sculpt meant to be used for a Miniature):
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