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Alfirin has been trapped in the Barrow!
I always assumed this meant that the collapse of Barad-Dur was itself rather fiery, or at least enough of a conflagration that the people there assmed it was enough to make the stone burst. Though, given that, as far as we know, no Palantir ever WAS confirmed destroyed in that manner, where the concept would come from (maybe the Noldor has some mishaps in thier creation, and passed on the warning when they presented the seven to the west.)
The problem with the Osgiliath stone plan is the one I mentioned in some earlier thread; there is a real chance the stone isn't IN the Anduin anymore. The palantiri are spheres, and the Anduin's current is swift especially that far down. I'd say it is quite possible that, within a few months of falling in, it is entierly possible the Stone would have rolled along the riverbed with the current; and is now long since sitting at the bottom of the ocean; beyond ANY ability to be retrieved.
But if you want crackpot methods I have one that would get all three out.

A. Go to Moria

B. Contact the Watcher in the Water and Convince HIM to get them.

This presumes the Watcher is
1. Alive post the vanquisment (there seems no reason he should not be)

2. Still there (with the Dwarves trying to re-colonize the area, I imagine having a ravening kraken on their doorstep would be something they'd feel would need to be "taken care of"

3. sentient enough to be reasoned with
(i.e. it isn't just a mindless beast driven by hunger and incapable of thought (if is is some sort of kraken, as some books suggested, that would be a plus; squid and octopi are pretty intelligent as sea life goes.) and

4. neutral or at least independent evil. That is, if he is evil, he's a kind that is in it for himself and can be bribed. Though what you would bribe him with beats me, fish? gold? I'd say getting him OUT of the pool would work, except most of the things I have read (unreliable as they were) seem to suggest the Watcher came up the river and made the wall that dammed it into a pool HIMSELF so he's there voluntarily and not really trapped. Unless he made the trip when he was a lot smaller, and now is too big to go back. In that case, they would have a good bargaining chip; a lot of dwarves with a lot of shovels and a lot of desire to see the damn thing gone. You just have to convince them that he's more useful freed than dead.
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