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Okay, I've put all the videos I can find in, except for a couple of 'faint singing behind barroom chatter' clips, the various 'visuals over the CD' versions, and an adorable but terribly-recorded living-room play with one and a half songs. I've also gone through the couple of 'full' concerts and noted which songs are in them. One runs Renunciation > Quarrel > Heart > Duel > Prison Duet, which was quite a ride.

I've also mucked about with the titles some more. One source called the Bloodzoning "Sons of Feanor", which I know was meant to be "The Sons...", but actually works really well for what's going on in that song. I've also taken the liberty of ignoring the Extended Libretto and turning Sauron's first song back into "Sauron's Creed". It's a better title; if we ever track down the NuCreed, we can rename stuff.

I've also drawn Melian:

I adored blonde Melian and her green-gold dress, but it's canonically indefensible. The Lay gives her black hair and grey clothes, so that's what she gets. (Weirdly, Tolkien Gateway gives her red clothes, with no source; dunno what that's about.)

...and! Not only have I finished the Oath:

Finrod-Zong: The Oath of Feanor

(With a... fourth or fifth attempt to record the brothers; I swear I'll never like them.)

I've also gone ahead and uploaded Captivity as it currently stands:

Finrod-Zong: Captivity

Because I can always replace it later. ^_^

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