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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
I was waiting to have something to contribute before replying, but it's been days and I'm still at the starting block. RL has been making it hard to concentrate on musical creativity. And then when I did get to it and wrote Finrod's opening stanza, it came out too neurotic, too much like the pulsating anger from Oath or PTSD-Beren from Meeting, and I think I will scrap that and redo from scratch. So, basically, nothing to contribute.
As ever, don't worry about taking your time - it's not like we're on a deadline!

I was thinking about the opening of the Renunciation; in my head I feel like it comes out as something of a marching song. So drum-and-brass style, I guess, with very firm beats. If I were a musicker, my first attempt would probably look something like:

[Opening on drums - a roll leading into a steady beat]
[Beat continues through:]
Nargothrond, you have been loyal
Oaths are spoken I must fulfil
Not so easy to hear, I know

[Some drum flourishing added for:]
But I call you to arms, people!
[Back to the beat]
Nargothrond, you have known no grief
As you feasted behind stone walls
I sought not for this doom that falls

[Single trumpet/horn in a high fanfare added]
But beyond the woods hear, horns call!
[Bring in the full brass at last:]
In this hour, my fair city
If your hearts are true - come and follow me!

(Obviously this is not even a suggestion - just a hope that it might inspire something for you.)

Meanwhile, news from the Art Cave. I promised something extra a few days back, right? Well, here it is. (Please forgive the obvious placeholder images in a couple of spots; drawing is time-consuming. )

It's looking good!

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