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She halted three paces from the king, wondering at the hunger in his eyes. She bowed her golden head.

"Nimrodel, " he whispered.

She met his gaze. "That is my name, " she said. Then she tilted her head. "These are silvan elves like me," she said, gesturing to the others. "But though your hair is golden as ours, you are not silvan."

He knew they stood beneath the eaves of Fangorn. "I am Sindarin, yet my love for you is none the less. You have captured my heart, Nimrodel, and naught will free me."

"I know not why you speak of love. Those who come out of the west ever bring strife, " she said.

"I would free you from all strife, beloved. I would see you at peace and in bliss."


"I have begged you to sail with me to the undying lands, and there we will wed, far from darkness and war."

"Wed? But I came only to ask you for the song of the stream."

"This I may give you, Silversong."

"Then give it me, for this is why I sought you."

He stepped forward and offered her both of his hands.

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