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"Wait, " said Nimrodel.

Amroth's hands fell slowly to his sides.

"The game began, " she said, "with a big tree, and a king that lived in the big tree." She looked at him. "Are you the king that lives in the tree?"

"I am."

"And the game said that you loved the girl."

"I do."

Her brow furrowed. "Yet you said that you asked me to follow you, to the undying lands, and there wed. How can you ask me this if you love the girl who lives by the stream? I thought she, " Nimrodel turned and gestured to Indil, "was the girl who lived by the stream."

The king looked gravely on Indil. "Only in the game. Indil is a child. But there is a real stream, and Indil never lived near it. You did." He studied Indil, who was womanlike in mind and heart, yet had the form of a child. Yet Nimrodel was tall, lithe and womanly, and despite the weeping and healing her mind and heart were still childlike. He looked back to the early days of his quest, and remembered Fellwyne, and Eruvalde, and the other children at the Inn, and how they had befriended him, and he them, and how he had loved them. He half wondered if such a child stood before him now. If so, then all became simple, did it not? That was good, for he was weary. He gathered what strength he had left and turned back to Nimrodel. "Search my heart, little one, and tell whether I am true or false."

Nimrodel looked up at the king, pondering. And then she stood tall, and tossed her head, and took a deep breath. "King though you be, I shall search your heart," she said.

Only his eyes smiled. "I fear you not, " he said. "Search me."

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