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The cold sun set and the stars kindled. Raefindan looked up.

"Do you see, Mithrellas? Indil? These same stars were seen by Frodo and Sam as they crouched beneath Cirith Ungol and talked of the story they were in. And we are part of the same story ourselves!"

"All the stories," said Mithrellas, "are threads into the weave of the Tapestry. But unlike a simple tapestry they merge and intermix and part ways, and some rejoin."

"And some are always sundered," said Indil's child's voice with Angela's wisdom beyond her years.

"Yes. So it is for some among the Eldar."

"But even for the Eldar-" Raefindan paused "-beyond the walls of Arda's time, I believe that even those sunderings will be ended. And ours is a foretaste, thee and thee and me, for others to see, and to hope."

"I believe it may be so," Mithrellas said, "and as it is for us, so it is becoming for Amroth and Nimrodel. Look."

They turned their attention back to the interplay of places and dreams and the now and the not yet but soon to be, and expectant, waited for the moment of waking that was soon to come.
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