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Originally Posted by Tuor of Gondolin
Brego got off rather easy (just having to kiss
a ranger to wake him up). It could have been much worse for Brego and the
Rohirrim. What if Vito Corleone and Luca Brasi were at Isengard to send a message to Theoden King about not accepting Vito's request for a favor?
Would waking up to a horse head even activate any Rohirrim's radar? I'm sure that that's happened more than a few times. Better would have been Saruman waking to a bed of worms that smelled of horse.

There are times when PJ does well with improv on Tolkien. Two examples are the expanding of Arwen's role in FOTR and another is Eowyn mentioned above (both of whom have rather sexy sword interaction with Aragorn). Hmmm.
Easy there. There's just soo much that Freud would say about the whole scene that I fear to get that discussion started .
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