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My thanks to all involved! We almost made it to the end, but it wasn't to be. Arthain you were truly stellar and I will never forget your incredible contributions to the game.

Daniel...dude...what a guy! You hung in there to the bitter end, a true friend.

Aylwen....your Dorlas was marvelous. I still regret that nothing happened between Jaheira and Melost though...drat that Vlad's charm!, my dear...are a diamond in the rough. Any game is incredibly blessed to have your talent!

Vanima...thanks for the beautiful translation of the Lay that will now never be seen. My Lady, you shine!

And my beloved Maikadilwen...Melost will carry Anwenelme in his heart even to Mandos' halls.

To you all...we few accomplished a great deal with a very small cast and much of the writing was outstanding! My thanks and may your stars shine brightly.

Your Servant, Cuthalion
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