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As a matter of fact I was never quite sure what Gandalf meant by those words on the Bridge. He says he's a "Servant of the secret fire" and "wielder of the flame of Anor".

The 'Secret Fire' is certainly mentined in the Ainulindale, and appears to be equivilent to the "Imperishable Flame". If I understand correctly, the Secret Fire is Iluvatar's creative activity - the thing which gives being to His creation. So in that case, assuming that 'Secret Fire' means the same in both places, Gandalf's first statement would be saying that he is a servant of Eru.

I am not sure what the second statement refers to. 'Anor' means the Sun, so he is basically saying he is the wielder of the flame of the sun, whatever that means. Is he refering to Narya? Or to something else entirely?

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