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Okay, Thingol, I read the entire post (admittedly scanned a portion of it). If Saulotus is right, it is still inevitable that the evil lords Morgoth and Sauron would have captured SOME Elves and mixed them into the pot of Orcdom, even if the vast majority is a combination of beast, Maia, and men. Teh upshot is that and Orc's lifespan and ultimate doom probably depends on the dominant ancestry of that Orc.

I confess that I do not care for the hermeneutics apparently required to intepret what Tolkien "must have wanted", due to the fact that his thought changed. It is well to point out that just because an idea was his last, does not make it his best. The whole Galadriel conundrum comes to mind in this regard. For philosophical reasons Tolkien was getting set to make Galadriel a SISTER of FEANOR, rather than a cousin (niece?). This would have been a mistake. He did his best work when he allowed the languages and the stories to develop naturally.
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