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Originally Posted by Marwhini View Post
And, regarding the other thread about the Nature of Aman.

That isn't a very complex issue, and many of the threads of a solution were contained within it.

I did noticed quite a few errors, though, such as thinking that Trees still grew in the period between the Springtime of Arda (the Days when Illuin and Ormal lit the world from the North and South, similar to the Two Trees - indeed, with the same Light; the True Light of the World before the Sun) and the Years of the Trees.

In both The Silmarillion and in The History of Middle-earth (several Volumes dealing with the Ambarkanta and the Annals of Aman) it details how Yavanna put a Sleep upon the Growing Things, and Animals of Middle-earth after the destruction of the Lamps.

And during this time Varda made the Greater Stars. Given the Cartesian and Manichean Realities of Middle-earth, this could have provided sufficient energy for the growth of smaller plants and animals, which would have sustained the Elves upon their awakening....

But back to Aman...

The term "Death" and "Decay" refer to "Corruptions" and not "Natural" death of plants and animals without Fa.

The plants and animals would have lived natural lives, and only "died" when they reached old-age (and thus died "Naturally"), or they would die when killed for food.

We have to remember that in such a world, we have a great many terms where new definitions are required to be attuned to the State of that World.

So, what we think of as decay, which would feed an ecosystem would not be "decay" in a world where Cartesian and Manichean Dualism was True, and that thus "Decay" would be associated with "Evil" (Capital-E), rather than with natural cycles of Life-Death.

Some might think that an Equivocation. And it would be if we were talking about the Earth we live on and the Universe in which we live.

But it would not be an equivocation for a, and Arda, as we have yet to actually formally define these things (and are prevented from doing so explicitly in an Operational Fashion, through experimentation, and formalization of the discoveries in the form of a Formal Definition or Law).

But we can look at what we see described in Arda, and look at how such descriptions fit with an underlying Assumption about what is taken to be True.

As a form of Shorthand.... I have come up with a couple of things to help think about what it would mean for Cartesian and Manichean Dualism to be True in a/Arda.

In our Universe, we have, as the Foundation for all our Sciences: Physics.

Upon Physics, Chemistry is Founded as Applied Physics.

Upon Chemistry, Biology is Founded as Applied Chemistry.

Upon Biology, the Cognitive Sciences and Medicine are Founded as Applied Biology.

And so on.

So... This means we need some Foundational Terms to give us a means to describe things that function in Middle-earth (or a, Arda, and Middle-earth, respectively).

In our Universe, we have, as the Foundation of Physics, Einstein and Newton.

This are Formalized as:

F = ma (Newton's Physics).

e = mc^2 (Einstein's Physics).

But these terms only address Time, Matter, and Energy (Matter and Energy are the same thing - this is the identity of Einsteinian Physics).

For Middle-earth, you need to account for the Fa; you need to account for the Light/Dark that is also a "tangible Stuff." Whether you call it "Matter" or "Material" or "Physical" is irrelevant. It is simplest to just think of it as another form of "Matter" that isn't made out of molecules, much like Dark Matter in our Universe.

So... To account for the Fa in a/Middle-earth, and for the various properties of Middle-earth we would call "Supernatural" (yet here would be Completely Natural), you simply add a term to these equations for Fa = ƒ.


F = ƒma


e = ƒmc^2

"ƒ", like "m" isn't just one thing. "m" in physics is "mass" and it comes about through the interaction of Baryonic Matter (atoms and molecules, and their respective binding particles and force carriers) and Space-Time.

Which means that "ƒ" (ƒa Substance - or "ƒa Mass") would itself be a collection of "ƒa particles" that make up the "body" of the Fa (similar to molecules making up the "body" of a physical object), and ƒa particles that operate to hold the Fa together (as in the Nuclear Forces for Atoms), and ƒa particles that carries the forces and charges of the ƒa particles that make up the body itself.

This would mean that the various quantum-states of the ƒa particles would determine the Nature of the Fa itself (Good/Evil), and combined with Photons, would create the tangible "Light/Dark" that we see exhibited in some instances in Middle-earth.

This would be, for instance, the distinction between the True Light of the Two Lamps or Two Trees, and the Light of the Sun/Moon which was a "Second Best Thing."

Some people might at this point be saying:



But this does allow for everything you see within Middle-earth to be explained.

Even how Aman could be a realm that is "without Taint, Corruption, or Decay" (unless one bring those things TO Aman, as did Melkor-Morgoth).

And this not only allows for an explanation for everything seemingly "supernatural" as just another Natural Process, but it does so in a way that is predictable.

This even explains why Mechanization and Industrialization fails to take hold in Middle-earth; why Middle-earth remains a pre-industrial civilization even though many times the number of years have passed in Middle-earth between the founding of the basis of Civilization (Agriculture and Cities) and when humanity began to develop Industry in our Universe.

All because of the introduction of the term 'ƒ' into traditional Physics.

definitely my favourite post cited here since I've posted.

I'd like to add just a little. As Galadriel was unfriends with Feanor forever. And ungolient was about UNlight, and somehow a bottomless greed syphon of endless swelling mass (DEFINITEY an EINSTEINIAN mass-time distortion. Perhaps her body was travelling at nigh light speed?). Then we had Sauron, who, without gonads (apparently), was still about sadistic greeds and lusts past critical thresholds (see Battle of Elves and Sauron where there it is said), he went into some kind of *exponential* runaway, and add to that, the *two* Elessars (assuming there were two), with one made by 'young' light of the Sun, and the other after Morgoth somehow influenced the sun, making it 'morgoth-ish' what do we have.

Ea - (reverse entropy event), perhaps an Endothermic reaction in overrun, deploying perhaps the inverse exponential maths (UNungolient?) contrasting those with the psycho-physics (aka 'da numbers' of E=fMC2)

1. In Middle Earth, Unlight is light running backwards in time, on a magnetic spin moment (a Fea-Neutrino), without charge, mass and with Negative Energy.
2. Ergo, an antimatter event with a photonic angular momentum reverse entropy monopole.
3. Accessible by telesentience events connected to the Martian elliptical orbit, which transfers water to Mars in a partial dipole reversal quantum magnetonic event.

a. As we can see 1, 2, and 3 constitute a TERM, explaining Alboin, and his sense of Numenor from Britain.
b. I am channelling Ar Pharazon from the Caves of the Forgotten, and he's finally a little lighter hearted that someone (for the first time since the Drowning) actually wants to attend one of his dinner parties in those dank dark, lightless caves.
c. Sauron is also very pleased he has a volunteer on Earth pointing out that the whole mess of the Three Rings and the whole 'greed' nonsense' was just about too many strictures on sexual expression in Middle Earth. He never wanted to become a lidless Eye and that stupid Palantir was just so rude and intrusive, that even Sauron forsook his body to avoid it. The alternative was a Harassment claim in a 21st century Court of Law, not available at the time.


Galadriel had psychological problems. When she returned to Aman, no one wanted her company as she was always a bit odd, and the Three Rings started acting up. Recall E=fMC2 to reconcile the quantum, neutonian, relativistic disparities. Aman has a fourth type of Neurtrino beyond the electron, tau and muon we have here, which explains the Second Prophesy of Mandos.

Amen *shakes head* *apologises* erm, I mean Aman!


Fourth Neurino of Aman UnunUnfriend, friend, defriended-ionisation.
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