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CE-EX-25.1: Agreed.

CE-SL-11: Agreed.

CE-EX-26: Agreed.

CE-EX-27: I suppose we can change ‘Eldar’ here to ‘the First-born’.

CE-EX-28: Sad as it is to loos it, I agree to remove the etymology.

CE-EX-29: For me it is MT that we have to follow if it contradicts the earlier story telling. Therefore I agree that we have do something with the speech of Manwë. But I would like to offer an alternative editing:
… and sweet was the Elven-tongue on the ears of the Valar. But> Manwë sat long upon Taniquetil deep in thought, and he sought the counsel of Ilúvatar. And coming then down to {Valmar}[Valimar] he called a conclave of the Great, and thither came even Ulmo from the Outer Sea.
And Manwë said to the Valar: 'This is the counsel of Ilúvatar in my heart: that we should CE-SL-11.5b{take up again the mastery of Arda, }at whatsoever cost{, and}<AAm make war upon Melkor, though Arda should receive yet more hurts in that strife> and deliver the Quendi from the shadows of Melkor.' Then Tulkas was glad; but Aulë was grieved, …
I propose to include the MT statement into CE-EX-39 as a kind of retrospecife.

CE-EX-03: So we will include it, since gandalf85 and me agree that it has some importance.

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