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CE-EX-25 and CE-SL-11: Agreed

CE-EX-26: The languages are not my strong suit, so I'll defer to you and agree.

CE-EX-27: Good catch! Agreed to changing it to the "First-born".

CE-EX-28: I'm sad to see it go too, but if the etymology doesn't work, it needs to go.

CE-EX-29: We mention how Melkor has dispersed his power into his agents when the Valar confront him. I think splitting up the paragraph from MT works, but I agree that Manwe's speech needs to be modified. I like Fin's edit, the part of that speech that's contradictory is the bit about taking up again the mastery of Arda. The rest of it seems in keeping with the rest of the narrative. I agree that the tonal shift at CE-EX-39 is a bit jarring, but this part of MT is definitely workable in the narrative without doing great violence to it, and since they are Tolkien's latest thoughts we should keep them.
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