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Thanks for the comments!

LC-01: This works, agreed to keep Preamble.

LC-02: Yeah this title is my own invention, so we can disregard it.

LC-07: Agreed to "Inglorion 'son of Inglor'"

LC-11: Very well we can leave it in.

LC-12: I was being overzealous in my editing, we can leave it as it is in the original text.

LC-14: I must agree with gandalf, forcing this argument to somehow apply to the dwarves makes no sense. For instance, the preceeding paragraphs are relating to the elvish ideas of death and rebirth, and the entire work is dealing specifically with the Elves, and there are no mentions of the dwarves anywhere. Therefore it cannot be said to be about the Dwarves. We must remove it.

LC-16: That the LC-27 section was included in the draft for Darkening of Valinor was not clear to me from any of the posts given in that thread. That chapter is a nightmare of textual soup at this point.... But I digress. I agree to include that there on principle, and therefore agree to its removal here, and if that is so, then this seems a good place for this footnote. Agreed.

LC-17: I agree to gandalf's placement of this sentence, but I would call this movement LC-03.5 since that is the place where it was moved.

LC-18: Agreed Fin, this is simpler and more thorough.

LC-19/20: Agreed to the changes Fin, but I as well agree with gandalf about the 'twice nourished.'

LC-27: See my comments on LC-16.

Typos: Thanks for catching them guys!
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