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Khalad could not help but hear the words between Vlad and Jaheira, and though he had decided to restrain himself, he found that difficult as the she-devil slowed her pace until she was next to him. He bit himself in the lip, as if to prevent himself from saying anything; and since she kept quiet, he managed to achieve that goal.

He continued his pondering over Laurelindórenan, and what purpose Vlad, or rather Melost had for going there. The laughter that the Elf had produced just a few minutes ago did not sound well, and he feared if some demon from the past had returned, now that Melost had lost his apathy.

Since he was not able to find any answers, he discretely looked at Jaheira. She looked at peace, and her face did not reveal anything. When Khalad thought about it, she was rather beautiful; but he knew perfectly well what manner of creature that hid behind her sparkling eyes.

He turned his attention away from her, and focused it on Vlad and Melost once again; currently that was his only possibility for discovering more. Discretely he quickened his pace so that he would walk closer to the two.
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