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The Eye

Part of him enjoying the rare silence in the group, only broken from time to time by Fidrohir's moaning, Vlad concentrated on keeping his eye and ears open. Casting a quick glance over the small band of people around him, he wondered if these people would even notice if they walked straight into a trap.
The look on Jaheira's face when she moved away from him had not gone unnoticed and he was quite amused by her choice of company but didn't let it show. He didn't want to fight with her right now, so he let her be, letting her do whatever she wanted.
Moving faster, he swiftly passed by Melost who seemed to be lost deep in thought, taking the lead for a long time in order to scout ahead, having no intention of being surprised by Orcs in an ambush. These mountains were no place to be careless and with these people...

Through the dark, Vlad thought he could make out something which seemed like lights in the distance, by the foot of the mountain and he slowly moved closer, curious but still cautious. Could their luck have turned and they had now come upon a village or small town?
He concentrated to see through the dark and wondered for a moment if it was true that Elves had such amazing sight as he had been told, but he decided against the thought of using Melost as a scout. For now...
Yes, there it was. Vlad stopped and stood for a moment, looking down at the small village below. Well, village was almost too generous a word for the few houses gathered there but at the moment Vlad didn't care. Turning, he signalled for Snyd to join him and within a moment the younger man stood next to him, following the leader's gaze.
Vlad looked at him, a strange light in his eyes and in the dark Snyd could just make out something that seemed like a shadow of a smile.

"What do you see, Snyd?" Vlad asked quietly as he placed a hand on the other man's shoulder, knowing that this was exactly what they had all been hoping for.
Chuckling to himself, Snyd nodded slowly, aware that if they worked this right, they would all be able to fill their stomachs for some time.
"I see a possible feast tonight, Vlad! They're practically begging for a raid." Snyd's excitement was obvious and his eyes were shining with anticipation.
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