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Melost watched as Snyd glided to Vlad's side, a feeling of emptiness pricking him as he watched the two whispering excitedly together, pointing down at something. A movement to his right caught his attention as Jaheira ran to see what was happening. Vlad's arm slid around her waist and pulled her close and the way she nestled close, natural as breathing caused Melost to tear his glance away.

He caught Khalad staring at Vlad and Snyd with distaste and he moved closer to the young man out of curiosity. "Here we go again.." Khalad ground out as Melost joined him. "What do you mean? What are they up to?" Khalad rolled his eyes. "They've probably found a house or a small isolated village down below. You, my friend, are about to be initiated into the seamy world of the forest outlaw." Melost's eyes were wide, then he frowned. "I think not. Thievery is an occupation I have no inclination to learn." He started to walk on, but Khalad reached out and grabbed him, pulling Melost around to face him. With a look like a thundercloud, he snarled at the Elf. "Look, you may be kin to an Elf King, a warrior and what-not, but Vlad has never betrayed us, and he have never left one of us to die. He's always provided for us, so don't get so above yourself, Elf. He could have had you killed at any time and, knowing him, once you're no longer a curiosity, he still might!"

Khalad released Melost and stalked away, his voice low as he mumbled to himself. Melost remained where he was as he thought over what he had just learned. Outlaws, brigands, people to took from others what was rightly theirs merely because they were too idle to fend for themselves. "I have indeed fallen from grace. I must escape from them as soon as possible, regardless of Vlad's promise of aid."his mind whispered to him as he began to take closer notice of his surroundings.

A bark of laughter from Snyd raised the hair on the back of Melost's neck, for he had suddenly gone chill with the feeling of evil. His eyes pierced the darkness as he watched the band begin their descent down toward the village. Vlad gestured to him imperatively to follow, then turned and started down after Snyd and Jaheira, confident the Elf would follow. Melost felt anger rise within him at the boldness of the gesture, then he realised. Vlad had used a gesture he had seen used among the soldiers of Gondor to indicate following in single-file. He moved swiftly to join them, his eyes still scanning the night, for the feeling of being watched wasn't leaving.
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