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Entering the small farmhouse had been so easy it came close to boring and Vlad found himself wondering about the reason for it. Was it because of the people he had to rely on or was it simply because he was getting old? You're not old, he thought, as he looked into another room and signalled to Fidrohir that it too was empty as the others they had been through, but these idiots will probably be the death of you, if not sooner then later!
Having cleared the lower level, finding no signs that anyone were there at the moment, Vlad and Fid slowly moved upstairs, careful not to cause any steps or floorboards to creak and Vlad had to admit to himself that he was surprised. He had almost expected Fid to simply stomp through the place as he usually did with anything else but the large man seemed to finally having gained the control of his own feet and he moved as quietly as Vlad himself.

One room left. Vlad nodded to Fid, who stood ready to enter the room and take out anyone who might be in there, then he slowly opened the door. The room was empty, just as the rest of the house and behind him Fid heaved a sigh of relief. "No need to signal for Snyd and Jaheira." he muttered, mostly to himself as he entered the room. Now that the house was clear, they might just as well start looking for something of value and, even more important, food and Vlad quickly began to systematically search through drawers and chests. He smiled to himself at a sound indicating that Fidrohir had walked into something in the dark and he stifled a chuckle when he heard the colourful cursing that followed. "How should I do this when it's impossible to see anything? It's too dark, Vlad..."
"Stop fooling around and make yourself useful! We don't have all night!" Vlad growled and emptied a large chest, tossing aside the linen inside, hoping to find something useful at the bottom, then froze when he saw a light flicker. He turned to see Fid place a candle on a small nightstand by the window and he stood for a moment, staring in disbelief at the light. "Fid...what...?" He couldn't even speak, he was that angry, shocked that the other man could be so stupid. When he was finally able to move, he didn't even realise what he did before Fidrohir lay on the floor after an encounter with Vlad's fist. Quickly he pulled him up by the collar, ready to kill. Oh, how he enjoyed the look in his eyes, on his face. Was it fear? Vlad would give him something to fear, that was for sure!

A sound by the door and they both jerked their heads in the direction, only to see Snyd and Jaheira standing their, glaring at them as if they had never seen them before, then Vlad let go of Fid and turned towards the two in the doorway. What were they doing here? He hadn't made any damned signal! Would they all prove to be idiots? "What were you two doing in here?" Although whispering, Jaheira's voice cut through the air like a blade and Vlad glared at her for a moment, knowing that she would most likely begin on one of her rants. "Acting like a bunch of children! You could have gotten all of us killed!"
Moving to the nightstand, Vlad grabbed the candle, for a moment unsure of what to do with it. "Fid here thought it would be smart to light a candle, for all the homes and their people to see. When I told him to put it out, he didnít think it best. I was merely trying to convince him otherwise." he explained, that would shut them up so they could finish their business and get away from here before anyone realised they were here.

"While we were on a raid, Vlad?" Jaheira continued and he gazed straight at her, knowing very well how grim his face looked in the candlelight and he could see it affected both Jaheira and Snyd. "Youíre absolutely positive thereís no one here? What about food? Any food?" Snyd tried warily to change the subject but Vlad ignored him, keeping his gaze locked on Jaheira. How he wanted to hurt her right now, beat her, shove the candle down her throat, anything to silence her. And yet something held him back. In the candlelight she looked almost beautiful and he couldn't help but think of all they had shared over the years. But why did she have to be
With a sigh he killed the flame and threw the candle on the floor, trying to shake those strange thoughts from his mind. "Since you are both here...who's watching the Elf?" he then asked, his voice calm but cold. The deafening silence told him that they too realised their error. "Snyd?" he said with a heavy sigh, knowing that if he sent Jaheira, she would just cause more trouble. "I'm on it, Vlad!" came Snyd's voice through the dark and he quickly left down the stairs.

Turning towards the window, Vlad stood for a moment, gazing into the night. Why was it so impossible to get anything right now? Once this group had been highly effective and they did what he asked of them. What had happened? Was he getting too old for this?
Then he saw it. A small group moving through the darkness, apparently unseen by everyone but himself. Vlad had seen too many of these foul creatures in his life to mistake them for Men and with a curse he turned from the window and strode towards the door. "We've got company!" he hissed as he passed by Jaheira and pulled her with him outside. "Seems Fid's candle attracted not only you two but a small band of Orcs as well!"


"What troubles you, daughter of mine?"

Menelya's words kept echoing in Anwanelme's mind, no matter how hard she tried to will them away. Ignoring her mother, she desperately tried not to see the obvious. No! They were not alike! Not the least! Menelya had been alone with her for most of her life, but only because her father had been killed. Her parents had loved each other. Had they not?
Secretly looking at her mother under her lashes, Anwanelme suddenly realised something in her mother's expression she couldn't remember having seen before. Pain? Grief?

Her own eyes, red-rimmed with tears, searched her mother's face and she suddenly realised that she had never really looked at Menelya as another woman, she had always just been her mother, someone who wanted to control her life for her. Now she realised that this woman, her mother, was all she had left. All others had turned their backs on her and yet, even after what she had done, her mother had come to her, she was here, at her side when no one else would have anything to do with her.
But she does not know. Will she scorn me as well once she finds out the truth? Anwanelme's mind worked frantically to sort through the chaos that was her thoughts. This had to be an evil dream. Yes, it was! Soon she would wake up in her chamber in Imladris and Melost would come to see her before they would begin their journey to the golden wood.

A movement and the sound of a heavy sigh caught her attention and she looked up and realised that Menelya had left her side and was now standing in front of the door as if trying to decide whether or not to leave the room and the sight broke something inside Anwanelme.
"Mother...?" She felt herself panic and reached out for Menelya who quickly turned around and they nearly threw themselves in each others' arms. Sobbing violently, Anwanelme revealed everything to Menelya, clinging onto her, afraid that she too would leave her.

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