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Melost could feel his blood begin to race when he sighted the orcs moving stealthily through the pitch-black woods at the rear of the house. The old barn where Khalad had taken him while the others raided the house served as perfect cover, it shielded them from being spotted themselves. He felt rather than saw Khalad draw his sword. He said something Melost about orcs , but Melost was already gone. Instinct and blind hatred now drove Melost to protect this man, his comrade.
Past battles filled his mind as he ran silently toward the orcs, who were now beginning to fan out, splitting off to encompass the grounds of the house. Melost had seen four, maybe five of the hated creatures before he decided what action to take. Arthain was at his back, he would be safe. Arthain..there was that name again..and a face, just on the edge of memory. He could hear someone running as Vlad's people came rushing from the house, but within moments everything else faded as he rushed to meet the first orc.

The creature was cunning and fast, almost too fast for Melost in his weakened condition. He had hardly eaten anything since being "rescued" and his head still pained him, his vision blurring occasionally. This nearly proved fatal as the orc swung for his head. Melost barely managed to duck, then drove forward to close with it. The stench was over-wlelming and he found himself retching as he drove his knife deep into the orc's belly, then yanked it up, effectively dis-embowelling it. The orc howled, then vomited all over Melost as it died. He gasped, then his eyes flew wide as he saw Khalad being pressed back by two orcs at once. The young man was fighting for his life with skill and precision, but he would need help.

A stream of colourful cursing came from behind the house and Melost knew that Vlad had found his own orc to play with. He kicked the orc's body away, then rushed to the aid of Khalad with fury in his eyes. He hadn't felt such anger and loathing for many years and he could feel his spirit rise within him until he began to glow with an ethereal light. The remaining orcs froze, as did the humans. None of those present had ever seen an Elf in his full glory and they were as one, awed by the sight.
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